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10 Best Google Slides Templates And Themes For Presentations

Google Slides are an effective way to convey and present information online. They are easy to share and offer better customizable options, making them handy for professionals and businesses to conduct team meetings. This blog explores the best Google Slides themes and templates for all your presentations.

In today’s fast-paced world, efficient communication is the key to success. Presentations are one of the best ways to communicate ideas, interactive discussions, and decision-making. With polished presentation skills, the road is clear for new opportunities. Our Best Google Slides Templates enhance further success for seasoned professionals, budding entrepreneurs, and students. 

Google Slides presentations help you deliver information in meetings, classes, conferences, and professional settings. They have significantly enhanced the convenience of making professional presentations. Its robust features facilitate real-time collaboration among colleagues, allowing smooth teamwork even when working remotely.

In this blog, we will briefly cover some basic principles of Google Slides and its uses. We will also help you explore multiple Google Slides examples and the best Google Slides themes that are useful for various purposes.

What Is Google Slides?

Shows What Is Google Slides

Google Slides is part of the Google Workspace Cloud Computing suite, allowing users to create, edit, collaborate, and deliver presentations. It is web-based, making presentation materials easily accessible in teams for shared activities. It features the ability to import and export presentations to a wide variety of formats. 

A Google Slides template is a collection of editable, pre-designed slides developed by a presentation design expert. You can change the layouts, color schemes, illustrations, and infographics of the templates. They incorporate features like master slides and internal linking between slides as well.

When using slides, you can choose from a variety of pre-made themes or start from scratch. Save time by selecting one from our collection of Google slides ideas. Let’s read through some of the benefits of using Google slide theme ideas.

Where To Use Google Slides?

There are multiple Google Slides ideas that you can use to create presentations. You may use slides for various purposes. The most important uses are listed below:

For Business Presentations

You can use slides to create presentations for business meetings, sales pitches, project proposals, and conferences. It will allow your team members to collaborate on real-time presentations from anywhere worldwide.

Marketing & Advertising

As a marketing professional, you can use Slides to create visually appealing presentations for your marketing plan & campaigns, product launches, and advertising pitches. You can customize and personalize the slides to fit your brand identity.

For Educational Purposes

Teachers and students can use Slides to create engaging presentations for lessons, lectures, workshops, and student projects. It facilitates collaboration among students and enables teachers to provide feedback and track progress.

Training And Workshops

Google Slides allows the employer to prepare training materials and workshop presentations related to the onboarding of employees, their professional development, and increasing their skills. They are connected to Google Drive so that they can easily and comfortably share resource materials with employees.

Benefits Of Using Google Slides

Google Slides has demonstrated its efficacy, garnering increased recognition as a viable alternative to Microsoft PowerPoint. While PowerPoint does offer some sleek features, professionals often tend to prefer Slides because of its real-time collaboration features and overall professional outlook. In addition, Google Slides allows you to convert presentations into MS PowerPoint. Some of the benefits of using the best Google Slides themes and templates for presentations are: 

  • Collaboration: They are ideal for collaborative projects as multiple team members can work on the same template simultaneously.
  • Customizability: While templates offer pre-designed elements, you can still customize them to suit your specific content, ensuring that the presentation remains relevant and engaging.
  • Brand Identity: These templates can be customized to include your company’s branding elements, such as logos, colors, and fonts, reinforcing and integrating your brand identity.
  • Time-Saving Method: Templates provide pre-designed layouts, saving you time by eliminating the need to create slides from scratch. You can focus on content creation rather than design.
  • Variety: There are multiple Google Slides ideas with various layouts and themes to choose from. Depending on the presentation’s objective, you can select good Google Slides themes for presentations to display the title, main content, introduction, etc.

Check out our Google Slides Tutorials to learn more hacks for your next presentation.

Best Google Slides Themes

Well, Google provides you with the option of using Google Slides online, but they don’t have many good Google Slides themes for you. We understand you might be a busy professional, and it must be a hassle for you to create presentations from scratch, especially if you want to create detailed business presentations. That’s why we have created good themes for Google Slides for you that you can directly incorporate and create visually appealing presentations. Let’s discuss some Google Slides examples. Check out the following Google Slide theme ideas:

Business Plan Deck

Shows Business Plan Deck
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This Business plan deck is a good Google slides templates. You can use this to create visually appealing presentations to showcase your business plans to your stakeholders. It is suited for all types of professionals from various industries. These slide ideas will help you convey your plans efficiently to your audience. You can use these slides for various purposes, whether you want to pitch for seeking funds or explain your plans and goals for boosting your business. 

Business Pitch Deck

This Business Pitch deck includes multiple slides to help all business professionals, including entrepreneurs and startups. You can use these templates to showcase your business strategy and to pitch your new products or services. Startup founders can use this deck to seek funding.

Shows Pitch Deck Template
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All the slides are fully editable; you can personalize them according to your preferences. You may add different graphic elements as needed.

Project Planning Deck

Project Managers can use this deck to plan their projects effectively. You can use these slides to plan complex projects and assign tasks to your team members. Moreover, this template can also help you to showcase project updates to your stakeholders. The Project Plan presentations help align your team with the project so everyone knows their roles. 

Shows Project Planning Deck
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You can use this deck for all types of projects and workflows. All the slides are fully editable; you can customize them per your company guidelines.

Marketing Plan Deck

Use our marketing plan deck to visually represent your marketing strategies to your stakeholders and team members.

Shows Marketing Plan Deck
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From market analysis and target audience segmentation to timelines of campaigns and allocation of resources and strategies, our templates cover everything that should form part of a great marketing plan. We provide all sorts of styles, layouts, and color themes to make an ideal template that fits your brand identity and messaging.

10 Best Google Slides Templates 

We discussed different themes for Google Slides. Due to its unique collaboration and easy-to-use features, you can incorporate the best Google Slides theme ideas and templates into your workflow to create engaging, consistent, and visually appealing presentations in any professional meeting. The top Google Slides design ideas and templates are mentioned below:

  1. Business Roadmap
  2. Executive Summary
  3. Business Proposal Summary
  4. 30-60-90 Day Plan For Executives Detailed
  5. Milestone
  6. Business Review Presentation
  7. 4 Steps Arrow Growth Drivers
  8. Project Kickoff Presentation
  9. Animated 30-60-90 Day Plan
  10. Circle 3D Infographic

Business Roadmap Template

Business Roadmap PowerPoint Template
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  1. This animated template allows you to convey your ideas by organizing and outlining all the objectives, initiatives, and strategies of a business or specific project.
  2. Professionals can use the roadmap template to represent the main goals, checkpoints, and resources.
  3. Business owners, entrepreneurs, and project managers can use roadmap templates to present their objectives and insights to clients, stakeholders, or potential investors.

Executive Summary Template

Shows Executive Summary Google Slides Template
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  1. Other slide ideas include the Executive Summary. This template is modern, making it one of the best templates for Google Slides presentations. 
  2. It highlights key achievements, metrics, charts, and timelines in slides.
  3. Executive Summary templates can be used for executive briefings, company reports, project proposals, and any other presentation that requires a concise and convincing description of a business initiative.

Animated Business Proposal Summary

Business Proposal Deck
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  1. Other Google slides examples include business proposal templates. This animated template provides a systematic structure, allowing presenters to develop convincing business proposals with a straightforward, easy-to-use graphic presentation. 
  2. The template’s predefined components, such as problem description, solution, target market, competitive advantage, and execution strategy, serve as a guide for professionals.
  3. Entrepreneurs, start-up owners, and project managers can use business proposal templates.

30-60-90-Day Plan For Executives

30 60 90 Day Plan PowerPoint Template
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  1. This template provides executives with a thorough framework for establishing their strategic objectives and action plans for the first 90 days in a new leadership position. 
  2. This template defines immediate goals, initiatives, and benchmarks, enabling you to get started quickly and create an impact. 
  3. 30-60-90 Days Plan templates are useful for professionals to showcase their effective preparation, planning, and commitment to any job role, be it an interview, a new job, a business presentation, or sales planning.

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Milestone Template

Shows Milestone Google Slides Template
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  1. Another google slides ideas includes milestones templates. It has five stages that can be customized: Immersion, Design, Creation, Operation, and Measurement.
  2. It can showcase project progress and important phases. This template simplifies and presents complicated project information easily. 
  3. Project managers, sales experts, marketers, and business professionals can use milestone templates to describe a project’s progress, various phases, accomplishments, and milestones.

Business Review Template

Business Review Google Slides Template
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  1. This template provides a thorough platform for outlining multiple aspects of a business review. 
  2. It addresses crucial topics, such as market updates, strategic initiatives, risks, opportunities, and financial reviews, making it one of the best presentation themes for Google Slides.
  3. Entrepreneurs can use this template to present their company’s performance to shareholders. Project managers and department heads can also use this template to evaluate employee performance and develop improvement plans holistically.

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4 Steps Arrow Growth Drivers

Shows 4 Steps Arrow Growth Drivers Google Slides Template
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  1. This template has a series of four arrows, each representing a growth driver. 
  2. It provides a clear path from one growth driver to the next using a graphic of four interconnected arrows.
  3. Project managers, executives, marketers, and analysts can use this template to highlight crucial actions or factors and improve audience engagement and knowledge retention.

Project Kick-Off Presentation

Shows Project Kick-off Google Slides Template
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  1. Other Google slides examples include a project kick-off template. This template provides a systematic structure for describing key components of a project. 
  2. This organized approach helps you divide the presentation into separate areas, such as the agenda, project charter, timelines, governance, etc. 
  3. Project managers, business owners, and startup executives can use it to develop convincing project plans for stakeholders.

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Animated 30 60 90 Day Plan

Animated 30 60 90 Day Plan Google Slides Template
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  1. You can use the extensive template to establish their aims and objectives for the first 90 days of a new role or project. 
  2. The template allows for concentrated planning by dividing the time into various segments, assisting users in defining short-term and long-term goals, and outlining a course for accomplishing them.
  3. Newly appointed professionals, recruits, and supervisors can use 30-60-90-day plan templates to define their aims and objectives for the first few months of employment, thereby making it one of the best presentation templates for Google Slides.

Circle 3D Infographic Template

Circle 3D Infographic Template
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  1. Other slide ideas include the circle 3D Infographic. This template utilizes the power of visual storytelling with its compelling infographic layout.
  2. Professionals and specialists across industries can use infographic templates to highlight plans, research insights, feedback, and analysis, models, or market segments.

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How to Choose From the Best Google Slides Template for a Presentation?

When choosing one template from a collection of the best presentation themes and templates for Google Slides, consider these essential tips:

  • Customizable: Ensure the template is fully editable, and you can customize every element of the slides to match your branding or personal style.
  • Clean and Specific Visuals: Choose minimalistic templates; avoid clutter and too many transitions. Keep it thorough and content-specific.
  • Know Your Purpose: Select a template that aligns with your message, whether it’s for business, education, or personal use.
  • Alignment: Choose a template that supports the content you’ll present and aligns with your brand identity. Look for slides with minimal content, image-focused layouts, or data visualization options relevant to your objectives.
  • Content Layout: Evaluate the variety of content layouts the best Google Slides templates and themes offer. Make sure the templates have slides for titles, content, images, graphs, charts, and any other elements relevant to your presentation.
  • Compatibility: Select a template compatible with various devices and looks good on laptops, tablets, and smartphones.


Google Slides can improve the impact of your presentations. They offer an array of advantages, including efficiency and visual appeal. Choose a template that matches your objectives, audience, and content to make presentations more effective. SlideUpLift offers the best themes for Google Slides Presentations and helps you make an impact. Download them and customize them according to your preferences or your brand identity.


  1. How Do I Make My Presentation Presentable And Pretty?

    With the help of our best templates and themes, you can convert your dull slides into eye-catching presentations. Here are some tips to remember while making a Google Slides presentation:

    • Use bullet points in Google Slides often to convey complex information.
    • Maintain consistency in animations, colors, fonts, etc, in all your slides.
    • Make use of SmartArt to highlight data. 
    • Add Q&A slides to make your presentation engaging and interactive. 
    • Don’t forget to add Self-introductory and Thank You slides at the beginning and end.

  2. What Is The Difference Between Google Slides And Microsoft PowerPoint?

    While both serve the same purpose of making compelling presentations, Microsoft PowerPoint is a desktop application, and Google Slides is a cloud-based software. Google Slides emphasizes real-time collaboration with your team members using an internet connection and integrates seamlessly with Google Workspace applications like Google Docs, Sheets, etc. On the other hand, Microsoft PowerPoint Online supports collaboration, but it is less effective than Google Slides’ real-time editing. 

  3. Are These Templates Suitable For Different Presentation Purposes?

    Yes, SlideUpLift’s best Google Slides presentation themes and templates are flexible and can be used for various presentation purposes. You can choose a template that meets your needs, whether for a marketing campaign, business presentations, project meetings, instructional presentations, educational purposes, or a business pitch.

  4. How Can I Save Time By Using Google Slides Themes?

    It includes pre-designed layouts, visuals, and elements to save time. You can use these templates to build your presentation rather than beginning from scratch, saving time on design and formatting.

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