9 Types Of Infographic Templates To Make Effective Presentations

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9 Types Of Infographic Templates To Make Effective Presentations

An infographic is a collection of imagery, charts, and minimal text that gives an easy-to-understand overview of a topic. As in the example below, infographics use striking, engaging visuals to communicate information quickly and clearly.

In this blog, you’ll read about:

What are Infographic Templates?

Infographic templates are essentially a visual combination of text, images, and design, aiming to provide relatable and informative content. Infographics are probably the way forward now for all heavy-duty business presentations as they use appealing, winning visuals to convey complicated information quickly and clearly.

Humans, by nature, tend to be drawn towards visuals more than huge blocks of data; hence Infographics are an effective storytelling medium. Infographic design templates in business can be used for any presentation, from preparing annual reports and creating pitch decks to showing basic business processes and flows with the aid of graphics, diagrams, and icons.

Importance of Infographics in Business Presentations

Digital Space is plagued now by a consuming issue: Content Overload. There is way too much information in the form of text, leading to readership overkill. Conventional Business Presentations usually compress a lot of textual content that gets highly boring for the audience. The audience’s attention span is limited in most cases.

It is also proven that Infographics result in increased engagement as compared to other visual media. Therefore, designing the slides with infographics ensures that the audience is engaged and takes away the key messages you want to communicate has become essential.

Different types of Infographic PowerPoint Templates

Business professionals looking at designing effective presentations can navigate through some popular infographic slide templates, such as:


Informational Infographic Template

Informational Infographic Template tends to condense a lot of information into one slide. It tries to convey more with less. Such infographics are highly useful in drawing attention to the essential information you want to highlight.  A few examples of these infographics in business presentations could be to draw attention to some critical organizational information such as key clients, the motto of the company, and the kind of services the company has been delivering over the years. They are more like Executive Summaries.

For Example:

Executive summary

Executive Summary Templates

Source: Executive Summary Templates by SlideUpLift

To try out similar templates that condense a lot of textual information,  visit our  Executive Summary Templates library.

Timeline Infographic Templates

Timeline Infographics, hands down, are probably the best option for reeling any information involving time and history. Timeline infographics is a visual depiction of any series of events. Timeline infographics can function as a roadmap for any organization. Any company can use this slide template to outline a company’s organizational journey, inception, growth over the years, milestones, and deliverables achieved. The infographic template can be used to narrate the journey of any influential official in the organization, his achievements, and his overall vision to take the company forward. Design a timeline infographic to showcase the inception of a project and a general overview while highlighting the steps involved and much more. See a lot more timeline template examples.

For Example:

Timeline Templates

Timeline Templates

Source: Timeline Templates by SlideUpLift

To check out more Timeline Infographics,  visit our  Timeline Infographic Templates library.

Animated Infographic Templates

An animated infographic is a method of visualizing information that combines imagery, illustrations, charts, graphs, text, and other animated elements to add movement.

Animated infographics can simplify complex information by breaking it down into manageable chunks that don’t require too much effort from the viewer. So, for every marketing strategy, easy-to-digest and captivating communication is the Holy Grail. An animated infographic can help brands get there.

Animated infographics integrate text and graphic elements to summarize information. Furthermore, animated infographics can be used to replace the outdated PowerPoint for complex data visualization.

For Example:

Animated Templates

Animated Templates

Source: Animated Infographic Templates by SlideUpLift

To check out more Animated Infographics,  visit our  Animated Infographic Templates library.

Resume Infographic Templates

Resume Infographic Templates is an extremely creative way to draw a prospective employer’s attention. A resume is your representative as it speaks on your behalf and is your way forward in creating a lasting impression on any company looking at hiring you. Though standard resumes are still very much in use, infographic resumes can be used for posting on social job sites, any social media page, or even while appearing for interviews.

As a candidate, your resume is your tool to highlight your strengths, vision, and roadmap to convince your recruiter why you should get the job.

For Example:

Resume PowerPoint Templates

Resume PowerPoint Templates

Source: Infographic Resume Templates by SlideUpLift

This resume infographic template uses minimal colors, simple icons, and a sidebar that adds some subtle design. The information can be added to the default fields, which have simple illustrative graphics that are used to highlight the candidate’s profile.

To try out more Resume Infographics, visit our  Resume Templates library.

Hierarchical Infographic Templates

As the name suggests, Hierarchical Infographic Templates help organize any information in the order of importance or the hierarchy of something. The Template divides the data into several stages with the help of pyramid charts or flowcharts, or infographic vectors.

Essentially, these templates can show the org structure, work breakdown structure, business flow charts, chain of command in an organization, etc.

For Example:

Hierarchy Templates

Hierarchy Examples

Source: Hierarchy Templates by SlideUpLift

To try more Hierarchical Infographic plates,  visit our  Organizational Structure PowerPoint library.

Process Infographic Templates

Process Infographics are specific infographics that help you overtly analyze and visualize any complex process. These Infographics help to break down any process step by step. Process Infographics are perfect for outlining marketing plans, customer journey maps, product journeys, business operations, and processes.

For Example:

Process PowerPoint Template

Process PowerPoint Templates

Source: Process PowerPoint Templates by SlideUpLift

To try out different types of business process flow templates,  visit our  PowerPoint Process Flow Templates library.

Geographic Infographic Template

Geographic Infographic Templates are conducive for analyzing specific data involving regions, countries, cities and understanding which areas are churning more revenue, pointing out the slag zones where a business is tipping off and overall global trade patterns.

You can present a company’s geographical-oriented information and data, be it – office locations, global market share overview, key business highlights from all the global offices. Learn more about how to use Map Templates to showcase Geography-related business information.

For Example:

World Map Templates

World Map Templates

Source: World Map Templates by SlideUpLift

To try different varieties of US-related Geographic templates,  visit our  USA Maps Templates library.

Comparison Infographic Templates

Comparison Infographic Templates have become important in the business world as they have made visualization of the pros and cons and comparison between the two products, features, etc. possible. These infographics encourage intelligent decision-making of the organization and its management.

Whether you’re comparing multiple options with debatable key features impartially, or you are trying to present one of those options better, a Comparison Infographic Template is the best tool to do so. This Template can be used by anybody who wants to educate themselves about the similarities, differences, advantages, or disadvantages of two or more products/ services to understand their needs in an effective way.  The same can also be used to compare product journeys of two or more products; thus, grasping the weaknesses and strengths of an organization’s marketing strategy.

For Example:

Product Comparison Templates

Comparison Chart Templates

Source: Comparison Chart Templates by SlideUpLift

This infographic template above helps to compare three products and their key features to understand the similarities and differences of each one of them. The Template also provides a graphic statistical representation of data making the information easy to grasp by the audience.

To try out more Comparison Infographic Templates,  visit our  Comparison Templates library.

List Infographic Templates

List Infographic Templates are more attractive and eye-catching than a basic list. These templates use appealing graphics and icons to pin down the points and information in such a way so that you remember them. They are a break from the mundane PowerPoint slides and can help kill the monotony of putting too much text on the slide.

Usually, List Infographics involve visuals like icons, creative fonts, bright colors to organize and differentiate text on the slide to make each item stand out and distinguishes them from one another.

For Example:

List Templates

List Templates

Source: List PowerPoint Templates by SlideUpLift

To try out more List Infographic templates,  visit our  List Templates library.

Statistical Infographic Template

Statistics are powerful tools to win or make any argument by presenting logical data and facts. Statistical Infographics can be effectively used to draw people’s attention to facts and figures. They are extremely engaging and effective in making any data stand out.

Data like Survey results, data from multiple sources, bulky data that require charts, and other graphics are a few examples that are best represented using Statistical Infographic Templates.

For Example:

Demographic PowerPoint Template

Demographic PowerPoint Templates

Source: Demographic PowerPoint Templates by SlideUpLift

To try out similar templates as above,  visit our Demographics library.

Free Infographic Templates Library

We also provide a variety of Free Infographics for varied business needs.

Free PowerPoint Templates

Free PowerPoint Templates

Source: PowerPoint Templates For Free by SlideUpLift


Infographics make your presentation effective and audience-engaging; therefore, the next time there is a soul-crunching business presentation, make sure you use Infographic Templates to leave an impression on your audience.

Try out SlideUpLift’s Infographics library specifically designed to meet all the infographic needs of business professionals for building business presentations.

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